Tuesday, September 30, 2003

All Hail the Language of Diversity

I 'm against race based quotas. I think they are unethical, immoral and unconstitutional. They are nothing more than updated Jim Crow laws only whites are the targets and not the protected. Many feel good lefties delude themselves into believing that the rules are there, not to hold whitey back but rather give the oppressed minorities a leg up. Bullshit. It matters not how well intentioned the drafters of these rules where or claim to be because we can never really know what it in the hearts of others. What matters is the mechanics of the rule. How does the rule work? How is it implemented? What actions does it perform in striving for the goal? Those who think it's about a leg up are blind. Blind to the reality of the system. blind to the fact that even the administrators admit it's not about helping minorities get an education but rather the rules are there to force white students into experiencing diverse cultures and races. Their goal is to create a false world. Perhaps they are taking cues from MTV's Real World by wanting to manufacture a diverse environment that has no reflection in the real world or for that matter any impact.

Peter W. Wood does a reasonable job at ridiculing the religion of diversity by giving high school kids pointers into the PC language of diversity;

"Mr. Valle had to go to college to learn how to give up his individuality and conform to the categories of Leftist identity politics, but help is on the way. Students who need assistance concocting testimonials to the prejudices they have endured and the hardships they have overcome already have a choice of websites and consultants who will help. But in a spirit of public service, I am willing to lend a hand too"

I'm glad to see a little humor interjected into this because to me it's all a joke. Why? Because next to prisons and high school colleges are one of the most strictly self segregated places in North America only the thing that the Leftist social planners can't grasp is that our deeply divided and segregated campuses are in no way divided by skin color. There are the Hippies who spend all night taking bong hits and all afternoon (never before noon) out on the Oval/Quad/Commons/etc. playing hacky-sack, the jocks that are hidden away only to be seen on game day and never in class, the Lefty Che-Loving campus radicals that will only talk to you as long as they think they can convert you, the party kids that are always one keg stand away from failing out and not getting the house in suburbia, the urban ethnic group all wearing the latest FUBU clothes and railing about the man taking full advantage of their disadvantage even if the closest they've ever been to a ghetto was flight 1457's approach to the airport, the indy rock/emo/goth group that view the awfulness of the world with young eyes a fraction as cynical as like to think they are, the greeks who are second only to the muslims in seperating themselves from others just to name a few of the groups.. To think that engineering the system so the ratio of minorities is x instead of y will change campus life it to be drinking fresh squeezed crazy juice. Race is meaningless to the self segregated groups in college, as long as you believe as they do you will be welcome.

If anything constant tinkering with the tint of population trying to reach some magical ratio will in the long run be more harmful that just setting the bar and saying get here and you can get in and have one standard for eveyone... regardless of skin color.

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Monday, September 29, 2003

Palastinian Grafiti

I think that speaks of the death cult Palastinian mindset.

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Thursday, September 25, 2003

End of the WTO?

Protection of the farm lobby is a big ugly black eye on the face of American free marketeerism. I am a big free trader and can't see how, in the big picture, we are helping by keeping small goat herders in France or 10 acre family farms in Indiana afloat. Irwin M. Stelzer in the Weekly Standard Online has a very even handed view of what went wrong at WTO meetings in Cancun earlier this month.

The dirty little secret is that the collapse of the Cancun meeting is rather good news for the White House. Of course, the U.S. delegation could hardly join the developing countries in popping the champagne corks when the conference collapsed. Those countries made no secret of their pleasure at the fact that they had finally united to make it clear that there would be no more worldwide agreements until their legitimate demands for freer trade in agricultural products are met.

Very insightful stuff and he was able to point fingers and lay blame without taking a dip in a paper machè head or throwing human wastes on the local constabulary. Bravo Irwin!

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A shout out to the far east side

Governor Huang Huahua throws gang signs during an interview in Guangzhou, capital of China's southern Guangdong province

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Monday, September 22, 2003

The land of Saab's birth downs the €uro

Interesting read on the no vote in Sweden from Andrew Stuttaford. Now I don't have a whole lot to say on it. I believe that each nation should have the right to chose. I don't think they are being blindly nationalistic by saying no or spineless idiots for saying yes. Unlike Mr. Stuttaford (and most of NRO) I don't have a problem with the idea of the EU, however the no voted happened because of what was hinted at. It's not the EU or in football terms is not the play calling... it's the execution that's the problem. The €uro is not bad but they way they are handling it is shaky. If their shaky economies start to really tank and they have to lower interest rates the dollar would be so strong to save money I'd have to do my shopping in Paris. One thing I can't stand though is the arguments coming from some quarters that the Swedes are bad for thinking their system is better than what the EU is offering and that is akin to the nationalism that lead Europe into one bloody war after another. Urg... no it's not.

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Oktoberfest Watch

Only 5 days left until Oktoberfest at my place... All AnOldSaab readers are invited!

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Friday, September 19, 2003

Wolves set to help train sheep

According to reports France and Germany are offering to help train the Iraqi police force. Aside from joke about the Iraqi police turning out as either a cynical cheese eating gendarmes or goose stepping Gestapo I don't much like this idea. I don't think anything good can come from having two of Saddam's biggest supporters and two countries that in general would love to see us fail having anything to do with making Iraq more secure.

German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder reaches out to comfort French President Jacques Chirac after explaining that the German soldiers (background) were only an honor guard and his surrender, while appreciated, was completely unnecessary.

These two countries showed that they were more than happy to let the people of iraq rot and die under the rule of Saddam if that meant them getting a little more money or prestige by "standing up" to America before the shooting started. During the first week of the fighting they openly pined that their "ally" America would lose and Saddam stay in power. After the fighting they have nitpicked, demand rebuilding contracts (war booty), dragged feet at the UN, tried to present the US as being adrift in a chaotic situation we are losing grasp of and generally made a nuisance of themselves. Now they get to have their people on the ground mucking their noses around while helping build a free democratic Iraq they fought so hard against? Nothing good will come of this.

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Thursday, September 18, 2003


It's getting close.

I can smell the brats and beer in the air!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

China - Worker's Paradise

Or not. In a nation that still claims to be a workers paradise, through official Government news sources - the only news sources - there seems to be a huge number of miners dying on the job. If the "Peoples Republic" is losing over 5,700 a year then what must the death toll be in capitalist America? It must be well over 1,300 based on death rates. Right? No. According to information from the US Dept. of Labor in 2002 only 67 miners died in the US.

That makes the death rate in China .463 per 100,000 while in the US it's a fraction of that, only .023 per 100,000. It would seem to my untrained eyes that miners are a lot better off in a evil capitalist empire where they have political freedoms to vote for parties more receptive to mining issues and mine operators live under the threat of death by litigation if they don't maintain a safe environment than they are in a communistic workers utopia.

Does Hu Jintao care about the miners?

So what's the sudden bashing of China? I read John Derbyshire's review of Patrick French's Tibet, Tibet, It's a good long rip of everyone involved in the whole Tibet affair, including the Tibetans themselves, but Mao started it and so I am all fired up. Thus it is that China's mining industry is feeling the wrath of my pen. China may well become the next hyperpower but they have a long long way yet to come. If you want your house in Home and Gardens it had better be in order, window dressings won't cut.

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The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) brings hate to OSU

Well well well. Just when I thought things might be settling down after Maurice Clarett was finally suspended from the Buckeyes here comes the terrorist supporting hate preaching ISM bringing their sideshow to the OSU Campus. According to an article in the Other Paper the ISM conference will be held on November 7th - 9th (We have Michigan St. at home on the 8th) at the Ohio Union. It shows you how loopball the ISM is that they'd schedule a conference at Ohio State on a home game weekend. Hope they aren't planning on finding a parking spot.

netWMD, and that's War to Mobilize Democracy, it trying to interfere with the conference and draw attention to the truth of the ISM. A very informative little page they have setup. I for one will be attending this conference but I haven't decided yet if I wish to sneak in and document the hate speech or stay outside and protest. Personally I lean towards sneaking in and trying to expose them. Can't give all the loony Left protesters a hard time and then do the exact same thing when the ISM comes to town.

More to come on this.

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Monday, September 15, 2003

What's wrong with Portugal anyway?

How come it is that of all European colonial powers it's all the ex-Portugal held territories at are absolute shit holes from East Timor to this little bit of hell on Earth. Even Brazil for all it's land, resources and abundant resources is mired in the 3rd world. Something is deeply wrong with Portugal.

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This is getting out of hand

Is one violent Che loving commie throwing a rock over a fence worthy of a dozen photographers? If the reporters covering the protest out number the protesters how do they justify making it headline news? This is not the people of Mexico rising up against the G8 and excesses of the West. No. This is one moonbat tossing stones. Not news.

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The well reasoned arguments of the Left

You have to really love the Left's professional protester gig. These people get travel all over the world; Seattle, Paris, Rome, Cancun, etc. They get to have their names and pictures splashed across the news wires. They get to feel morally superior to everyone else because they are doing something to fight the evils of the West. Why here are a few recent examples from the G8 in Cancun.

Anyone for a dip?

What to do with these buckets of shit?

What is their real goal? Is it to sway opinion through outlandish and offensive behavior? Do they think that swimming with silly heads or throwing shit on cops will make the leaders of the G8 listen to them? These are mindless idiots who by pulling such dumb stunts show that they are too stupid to pay any attention to.

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Thursday, September 04, 2003

Jonah points out the fallacy of the Bush = Hitler "arguments".

I am a strong believer in rational discussion. Two people can have a civil rational debate on an issue and perhaps reach some sort of consensus, but only if they are using reasoned points with basis in reality. Once one of the goes beyond the pale and into mindless sloganeering rhetoric then discussing things becomes an exercise in futility. This is due to the fact that "ground logic" the irrational person uses to shape their view is so far from reality that even meeting them halfway means giving up everything. If you argue the moon is rock and I argue it's cheese you can't meet me halfway without joining me in LaLa Land by admitting the possibility that the moon's compassion may in fact be 50% cheese.

Thus it was one night at St. James Tavern a few weeks before the fighting started in Iraq I was interrupted by a gregarious fellow passing out his anti-war mixed music CD entitled Monkey War, Volumes I, II. He rattled off something about the tide turning and how we were going to stop the government from committing genocide in Iraq. While he talked I glanced at the artwork. It was a picture of a chimp with Bush's face photoshopped over the Chimps. High quality work and the music list on the CD looked very good but between equating the President of the United States with a chimpanzee and accusing the US government of planning a genocide I realized all there was to do was thank him and send him into the night. It is a good CD and he is a moonbat.

In his piece on the "Bush=Hitler" crowd Jonah does great job of showing just how far out the view point is that even those trying to meet them halfway by conceding a few points are in fact guilty of the same sins as the full blown moonbatty moon-cheeser crowd.

I could, of course, get more graphic about what the Nazis did, but I don't much like writing about the Holocaust. It's not merely a depressing subject, its enormity is so depressing, so compacted down with evil and barbarity and cruelty that it folds in upon itself like a black hole. The gravitational pull of its tragedy has permanently bent the trajectory of mankind. Suffice it to say that the Nazis weren't simply generically bad, they were uniquely and monumentally evil, not just in their hearts but also in literally billions of intentional, well-planned, and bureaucratized decisions they made every day.

And yet, in polite and supposedly sophisticated circles in America today it is acceptable to say George Bush is akin to a Nazi and that America is becoming Nazi-like. Indeed, in certain corners of the globe to disagree with this assertion is the more outlandish position than to agree with it.

Bravo Jonah for another job well done. As for Mr. Monkey War? I've continued to see him from time to time at St. James and I've leaned an ear in a time or two. He's a poster child for the leftist white guy that hates America. Ranted once about how, with the exception of Jeff Buckely, all "white music" has sucked for the last 40 years. That made me wonder why most of the songs on both Volumes of Monkey War were white musicians. But then I figured he was just posturing for his moonbat lefty friends and the cute moonbat girl he was hitting on. Thumping his fists against the broad chest of his radicalized ideas? Perhaps he needs his face imposed on a monkey too.

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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

2 weeks no posts? I'm a lazy bum

Here's a good one.

Q. Why are the Jews called Nazis for building a wall that's purpose is to keep the people that want to kill them, and that is to say the people (re: palestinians) who want to muder women and children in cafes and on buses out of Israel?

I guess that makes the Chinese, Romans and everyone else that ever built a wall to keep people out a bunch of Nazi bastards. Which is funny though... as the Nazis never did that. Evidence that the logic of the extreme Islamist loving left is flawed.

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