Thursday, September 25, 2003

End of the WTO?

Protection of the farm lobby is a big ugly black eye on the face of American free marketeerism. I am a big free trader and can't see how, in the big picture, we are helping by keeping small goat herders in France or 10 acre family farms in Indiana afloat. Irwin M. Stelzer in the Weekly Standard Online has a very even handed view of what went wrong at WTO meetings in Cancun earlier this month.

The dirty little secret is that the collapse of the Cancun meeting is rather good news for the White House. Of course, the U.S. delegation could hardly join the developing countries in popping the champagne corks when the conference collapsed. Those countries made no secret of their pleasure at the fact that they had finally united to make it clear that there would be no more worldwide agreements until their legitimate demands for freer trade in agricultural products are met.

Very insightful stuff and he was able to point fingers and lay blame without taking a dip in a paper machè head or throwing human wastes on the local constabulary. Bravo Irwin!

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