Monday, September 15, 2003

The well reasoned arguments of the Left

You have to really love the Left's professional protester gig. These people get travel all over the world; Seattle, Paris, Rome, Cancun, etc. They get to have their names and pictures splashed across the news wires. They get to feel morally superior to everyone else because they are doing something to fight the evils of the West. Why here are a few recent examples from the G8 in Cancun.

Anyone for a dip?

What to do with these buckets of shit?

What is their real goal? Is it to sway opinion through outlandish and offensive behavior? Do they think that swimming with silly heads or throwing shit on cops will make the leaders of the G8 listen to them? These are mindless idiots who by pulling such dumb stunts show that they are too stupid to pay any attention to.

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