Tuesday, September 30, 2003

All Hail the Language of Diversity

I 'm against race based quotas. I think they are unethical, immoral and unconstitutional. They are nothing more than updated Jim Crow laws only whites are the targets and not the protected. Many feel good lefties delude themselves into believing that the rules are there, not to hold whitey back but rather give the oppressed minorities a leg up. Bullshit. It matters not how well intentioned the drafters of these rules where or claim to be because we can never really know what it in the hearts of others. What matters is the mechanics of the rule. How does the rule work? How is it implemented? What actions does it perform in striving for the goal? Those who think it's about a leg up are blind. Blind to the reality of the system. blind to the fact that even the administrators admit it's not about helping minorities get an education but rather the rules are there to force white students into experiencing diverse cultures and races. Their goal is to create a false world. Perhaps they are taking cues from MTV's Real World by wanting to manufacture a diverse environment that has no reflection in the real world or for that matter any impact.

Peter W. Wood does a reasonable job at ridiculing the religion of diversity by giving high school kids pointers into the PC language of diversity;

"Mr. Valle had to go to college to learn how to give up his individuality and conform to the categories of Leftist identity politics, but help is on the way. Students who need assistance concocting testimonials to the prejudices they have endured and the hardships they have overcome already have a choice of websites and consultants who will help. But in a spirit of public service, I am willing to lend a hand too"

I'm glad to see a little humor interjected into this because to me it's all a joke. Why? Because next to prisons and high school colleges are one of the most strictly self segregated places in North America only the thing that the Leftist social planners can't grasp is that our deeply divided and segregated campuses are in no way divided by skin color. There are the Hippies who spend all night taking bong hits and all afternoon (never before noon) out on the Oval/Quad/Commons/etc. playing hacky-sack, the jocks that are hidden away only to be seen on game day and never in class, the Lefty Che-Loving campus radicals that will only talk to you as long as they think they can convert you, the party kids that are always one keg stand away from failing out and not getting the house in suburbia, the urban ethnic group all wearing the latest FUBU clothes and railing about the man taking full advantage of their disadvantage even if the closest they've ever been to a ghetto was flight 1457's approach to the airport, the indy rock/emo/goth group that view the awfulness of the world with young eyes a fraction as cynical as like to think they are, the greeks who are second only to the muslims in seperating themselves from others just to name a few of the groups.. To think that engineering the system so the ratio of minorities is x instead of y will change campus life it to be drinking fresh squeezed crazy juice. Race is meaningless to the self segregated groups in college, as long as you believe as they do you will be welcome.

If anything constant tinkering with the tint of population trying to reach some magical ratio will in the long run be more harmful that just setting the bar and saying get here and you can get in and have one standard for eveyone... regardless of skin color.

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