Thursday, September 04, 2003

Jonah points out the fallacy of the Bush = Hitler "arguments".

I am a strong believer in rational discussion. Two people can have a civil rational debate on an issue and perhaps reach some sort of consensus, but only if they are using reasoned points with basis in reality. Once one of the goes beyond the pale and into mindless sloganeering rhetoric then discussing things becomes an exercise in futility. This is due to the fact that "ground logic" the irrational person uses to shape their view is so far from reality that even meeting them halfway means giving up everything. If you argue the moon is rock and I argue it's cheese you can't meet me halfway without joining me in LaLa Land by admitting the possibility that the moon's compassion may in fact be 50% cheese.

Thus it was one night at St. James Tavern a few weeks before the fighting started in Iraq I was interrupted by a gregarious fellow passing out his anti-war mixed music CD entitled Monkey War, Volumes I, II. He rattled off something about the tide turning and how we were going to stop the government from committing genocide in Iraq. While he talked I glanced at the artwork. It was a picture of a chimp with Bush's face photoshopped over the Chimps. High quality work and the music list on the CD looked very good but between equating the President of the United States with a chimpanzee and accusing the US government of planning a genocide I realized all there was to do was thank him and send him into the night. It is a good CD and he is a moonbat.

In his piece on the "Bush=Hitler" crowd Jonah does great job of showing just how far out the view point is that even those trying to meet them halfway by conceding a few points are in fact guilty of the same sins as the full blown moonbatty moon-cheeser crowd.

I could, of course, get more graphic about what the Nazis did, but I don't much like writing about the Holocaust. It's not merely a depressing subject, its enormity is so depressing, so compacted down with evil and barbarity and cruelty that it folds in upon itself like a black hole. The gravitational pull of its tragedy has permanently bent the trajectory of mankind. Suffice it to say that the Nazis weren't simply generically bad, they were uniquely and monumentally evil, not just in their hearts but also in literally billions of intentional, well-planned, and bureaucratized decisions they made every day.

And yet, in polite and supposedly sophisticated circles in America today it is acceptable to say George Bush is akin to a Nazi and that America is becoming Nazi-like. Indeed, in certain corners of the globe to disagree with this assertion is the more outlandish position than to agree with it.

Bravo Jonah for another job well done. As for Mr. Monkey War? I've continued to see him from time to time at St. James and I've leaned an ear in a time or two. He's a poster child for the leftist white guy that hates America. Ranted once about how, with the exception of Jeff Buckely, all "white music" has sucked for the last 40 years. That made me wonder why most of the songs on both Volumes of Monkey War were white musicians. But then I figured he was just posturing for his moonbat lefty friends and the cute moonbat girl he was hitting on. Thumping his fists against the broad chest of his radicalized ideas? Perhaps he needs his face imposed on a monkey too.

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