Tuesday, June 29, 2004

EU wants to outlaw Polack jokes

I have to wonder at what point the people of Europe will say no more with the ever growing an invasive regulations coming from Brussels. Declan McCullagh has a nice post over at CNET on how "Europe (still) doesn't get it.". His post starts with a new treaty on cybercrime from the Council of Eruope and goes from there into a general rip on European tendancy to over regulate. Some would say that I'm just a typical ingnorant American to say that the EU over regulates their economies. I would then say, "Score board, score board, score board!".

But that's not what I want to post on. I'm saying now that I find the idea of someone whatching my email looking for something that might insult someone infuriating. There is no arguement that can be presented to me that would for a flick of a second not think this is completely unconstitutional. It's an out and out voilation of the right to free speech.

This is one more illistration of the difference inherent between a society where the constitution lists what government can do vs. one where it lists what governement can't.
Your "nice piece" from that Declan Guy, aside being such tired and oversymplified George Will gruel as to inspire naptime, is also Check out:http://lawblog.uea.ac.uk/archives/000079.html)riddled with inaccuracies and omissions. I suggest you read about them and see the piece as more myopic jingoism that uses straw man numbers (check out the GDP for the bottom 60% of the compared populations, for instance, if you want to measure real quality of life) to paint Europe's economics in useless doomsday terms. Are their taxes too high? Sure. And our businesses are underregulated, which of course attracts more investment. Imagine being offered two retail jobs, one in which you get payed lots and can steal from the store and don't have to pay taxes, and another in which none of these things are true. Hmmm. Which one would you take? Read the link. it eads better than my present irritated rant.

P.S. The comments forum no longer accepts "target" as valid HTML. I have no idea why. Hence the cut-and-paste link.
Ok. Mr. Irritated. My post was about the free speach thingy. Also regardless of his George Will swill Europe is over taxed.
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