Monday, September 06, 2004

Kerry lies about the economy.

John Kerry in keeping with the tradition of the Democratic party being the party of negativism where only they can save us from the cesspool we find ourselves in through more government programs and higher taxes has taken the announcement of the August job figures as further proof of our failed economy.

"Yesterday morning, once again, we received disappointing news about job
creation here in America. The newest numbers show that this past month, we
simply haven't created enough new jobs," Kerry said in a radio address.
"President Bush is now certain to be the first president since Herbert Hoover
and the Great Depression who didn't create a single new job," he added.

Yes. 144,000 new jobs and an unemployment rate lowering to 5.4% is definitely something you should compare to the Great Depression. Kerry must feel the need to attack Bush on the economy but he's insane to point to growth indicators as proof of ruination.

"Over the past three years, we've lost 1.6 million jobs in the United States. And to make matters worse, the new jobs were creating pay an average of 9,000
dollars less than the ones we've lost," Kerry went on.

Bullshit. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2001 we had 6.8 million unemployed while last month we had 8.0 million. A difference of 1.2 not 1.6. So the Kerry campaign is either lying to really bad at math and neither bodes well for a Presidential administration. Even so the Dems and their willing helpers in the establishment media have won by being able to frame the debate over unemployment only, which is only one tiny part of the equation. Let's look at another number. In 2001 the number of those employed was 136.9 million. So according to Kerry we should have (136.9-1.6=135.3) only 135.3 million working or 135.7 million is you use the correct number. However the Labor numbers show that in August there were 139.6 million working. That's an employment increase of 2.7 million yet Kerry claims not one single job has been created. Kerry and the left feed off of bad news a negativity and if things are doing better will just lie with the comfort that the media will cover for them.

"All across America, people who are working are working hard. They are working two jobs, three jobs, they're working weekends, just to get by." "Parents are sitting at kitchen tables and wondering how they're going to make ends meet: How they're going to buy back-to-school clothes this week, and still pay last weeks doctor bill,

This is tripe. Feelgood boiler plate that after a moments thought is empty of any meaning. Kerry is going to be using the terms, "just to get by" and "making ends meet" often in the next two months and any one that thinks this means he has a plan to fix it is end wrong. Struggling to get by has nothing to do with the economy and everything to do with ones debit load versus their income. You can make $20k and always be ahead on your bills or you can make $150k and be on the verge of bankruptcy. Kerry is out there finding people who have no personal fiscal responsibility and therefore spend more then they make to tout as proof Bush has ruined the economy. But unless the Senator plans on making sure everyone has more money than they can spend it's just empty stump speeches. And how is he going to stop people form working 2-3 jobs? Outlaw part time work? "I'm John Kerry. If you put me in the White House I'll see to it that everyone has more money than they can spend, that people are only allowed to work one fulltime job and no businesses will ever require people to work on weekends." Now that I think about it I can see that it will work. Since no one can do any shopping, as all the stores on closed on the weekends then you will have more money that you can spend.

And for the part of the complicit press...

He made the most of lukewarm job creation data from Friday, pointing to the 144,000 jobs created in August and the drop in the unemployment rate to 5.4 percent -- its lowest since October 2001.

Lukewarm? This August has capped one of the strongest one year periods of growth in the US economy ever but the press always totes the DNC line.

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