Thursday, July 01, 2004

Moore's Big Blockbuster

I have seen much about how Michael Moore’s lastest anti-American and anti-Bush movie is doing gangbusters.

Box-office fever for Michael Moore's searing anti-Bush documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" climbed a bit higher on Monday

The box-office figures were a vindication for Mr Moore and his immediate backers, the Weinstein brothers of Miramax,

The Oregonian
the film raked in an eye-popping $23.9 million in its first three days

US filmmaker Michael Moore claimed a major political coup against US President George W. Bush as "Fahrenheit 9/11" scorched box office records and shook the US political scene.

Well just how well has F9/11 done? A quick check at over at Yahoo Movies shows that it ranks as the 10th top grossing film on its opening weekend... since April 7th of this year.

Shrek2 - $108.0 million
Harry Potter 3 - 93.6
The Day After Tomorrow - 85.8
Van Helsing - 51.7
Troy - 46.8
Dodgeball - 30.0
Kill Bill Vol.2 - 25.1
Mean Girls - 24.4
Riddick - 24.2
F9/11 - 23.9

I'm concerned that all this echo chambering talk about how F9/11 is this runnaway train of success is leading to thinking it's going to change minds. For what it is and the number of screens it was shown at F9/11 did well but it's no Titantic and all it's capable of doing is confirming the viewer's already held beliefs that either Bush/Rep/Conservatives are the most evil people on the planet or Moore is a lying selfagrandizing bastard. No one will be swayed but I wonder if the Dems might think they can coast to an easy win against Bush riding the F9/11 wave of success.

Richard Cohen over a the Washington Post sees the same potential problem.
I go on about Moore and Ellis because the stunning box-office success of "Fahrenheit 9/11" is not, as proclaimed, a sure sign that Bush is on his way out but is instead a warning to the Democrats to keep the loony left at a safe distance. Speaking just for myself, not only was I dismayed by how prosaic and boring the movie was -- nothing new and utterly predictable -- but I recoiled from Moore's methodology, if it can be called that. For a time, I hated his approach more than I opposed the cartoonishly portrayed Bush.

The vibe I am getting from the Dems is the same I got in Feb of '02 when a moonbat handed me an anti-Bush work of his and stated that, "We[anti-war crowd] are just about to win and stop this war.". He had talked himself into believing everyone was against the war, I wonder if the Dems are headed down the same road with Bush.
Dodgeball? Thirty mil? If one wants to do a documentary about what's wrong with the country, he could well start right there.
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