Monday, June 07, 2004

Ted Rall is an Asshole

Generally speaking Editorial Cartoonists are a fairly even handed bunch. They will happily ridicule whoever is making news. They spent 8 years tearing Clinton to shreads and now are happy to rip on Bush. There are a few though that have a noticable leftish lean to their work, Doonsberry and Ed Stein come to mind however they all pale compared to Ted Rall. Ted Rall isn't evel Leftist, he is simply working for the enemy. He will publish any crack ball theory that the islamists press forward. He paints Bush as an unshaven bannan republic dictator that is more evil than Hitler. He shows all Americans to be evil fatsos that deserve to be killed. Now though he's crossed the line...

Just what is this a "commentary" of? Ted Rall is a sick twisted imp of a man that justifies the murder of thousands of innocents and defends the actions of militant Islam that is out to conquor the world in the name of Allah. He has the right to his opinion but I don't think his insane view has a place on Yahoo. He is not a legitimate Editorial Cartoonist, he is an asshole.
Well, Ted's sort of said it all, hasn't he? America started evrything, despite the fact that jihadi armies were marching everywhere eleven centuries before the birth of the republic. We're always the aggressors because we have better technology, as if Israel, hell, Europe, wouldn't be obliterated or praying toward Mecca if Iran had Tomahawks, Abrams, a functioning infrantry or command structure, even. This is preaching to the choir and a waste of my time, but the Ted Rall moonbats of the world reflexively equate one party's anger at another as meaning the more powerful party is wrong. Ever watch Cops? Crack dealers are pretty pissed off when they get busted. That doesn't make them victims. Do the cops sometimes use more force than is necessary? Sure, but that doesn't mean that they're all criminals. Sighhhh...

If the postmodernist left had had their way throughout the 20th century (luckily, they did not exist for most of it) we would look at the 60-year-old European Reich as people just practicing a "different" way of life, assuming they had not conquered or been conquered by those other seperate-but-equals, the still thriving Soviet Empire. Wait, that assumes that we had not assumed ourselves into extinction or subservience by failing to defend against out peaceful Communist and Nazi bretheren.

They just don't get it. One's enemy being weaker than one's self does not reflexively make his argument better. Might does not make right, but neither does it guarantee wrong. The U.S. is militarily powerful because it has been successful economically, testified to by the glaring fact that our commercial success, first agrarian and later industrial, predated our military preeminence. Our use of power has not been perfect. There have been regrettable errors along the way: poor judgement calls, excesses, occasional acts that are arguably racist or cruel, and at least stupid. We should not present that these episodes do not exist. Neither should we cower in isolationism to apologize for them. If Ted Rall wants to root for the enemies of his country, let him. He paints himself an ass in broad brushstrokes on the billboard of rhetoric. And let him, as he will, conveniently forget that were we governed by those he champions he would lose such a right in an instant.
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