Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Geely wants to sell cars in US

Chinese car company says it will sell cheap sedan in U.S.

The Geely Uliou.

Can they copy the success of the Koreans everyone is asking. Of course people seem to be forgetting that Deawoo and Daihatsu were abject failures or that Kia was doing so well it had to be bought out by Hyundia to stay afloat. Well I'm not going to make any predictions on a car that's not even yet for sale but I know I'll enjoy watching them try. Besides now that the Korean cars are not rolling junk anymore we need a new kid to kick around and make fun of.
If this car costs more than $5,000, I would seriously warn people not to waste their money.
I think I'd still warn them. There are a lot of people that buy really cheap new cars instead of nicer used cars at the same price for the expected reliability that comes with a new car. If the Geely scooter is any indication of reliabilty of the Geely Motor Corp. I'd say what's the use of a warranty when it spends more time in the shop than on the road. Better off spending $5,000 on a '97 Civic.
Actually this week geely announced they plan to come to US in 2008 and start their prices at 7500$, for a basic car...this will be a breakthru if they actually pull it off...and watch out for chery and gwm too ...check some pics
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