Friday, June 18, 2004

Bush's biggest failure

What is it? He never refutes lies. David Horowitz has a good piece of the lies of the left regarding the reasons for removing Saddam. This is a MUST READ

Prior to the inception of hostilities in Iraq in March 2003, the Democratic Party with honorable exceptions like Senator Lieberman and Minority Leader Gephardt was a party of appeasers, demanding more time and more offerings to the Baghdad butcher to avoid a military conflict. From the day Baghdad was liberated in April 2003 and continuously through the present, the Democratic Party and its willing press have constituted a chorus of saboteurs, attacking the credibility, integrity and decency of the commander in chief, exaggerating, sensationalizing and magnifying every American setback or fault -- with the guilt orgy over Abu Ghraib the most egregious example – effectively tying the hands of American forces in the field and encouraging the enemy’s resistance. The hard left actually celebrates this resistance. The soft and cowardly left merely encourages it while pretending not to notice what is doing.

But lies about the war are only the half of it.

There are lies on education, lies on the environment, lies on social security, in fact there is very little debate at all. Any area the Democratic leadership feels they can wedge in a lie to hurt Bush they start firing with both barrels.

The Left and Dem leadership has spent months liying about how Bush is destroying the environment but never give a single example. Why no example? Well see there are none. They talk about how Bush's No Child Left Behind Act is tantamount to a life sentence of poverty for our nations childern. Now we can debate the merits of the NCLB Act but what do the Dems - who are in the pay of the teacher's union - offer to counter Bush's education proposal? The status quo, that's what and we all know how good our schools are. Why they're perfect. Propose a change to Medicare or SSI and the Dems scream you are out to kill the poor and starve seniors. Do the Democarts offer an alternative? Nope just more status quo. I guess SSI and Medicare are running as well as our schools then. Don't forget the economy. The Democrats have been liying about the economy for well over a year now. Just this week while in Columbus Kerry stated that he had, "the leadership needed to get America working again.". Just what America is he talking about? It can't be the United States after all the US economy has been growing for the last 2 and a half years and for the last 3 quarters has been growing fast, gained 1.2 million new non-seasonal jobs in the last 3 months in fact the US economy is now larger than is was before the 3 month recession in 2001. The Dems though seek out people that have lost a job and exploit them to paint a picture of a Depression era economy mindless of the fact that economic growth is so strong once again companies are feeling pressure to increase wages.

Why has the Bush campaign and Republican leadership done squat show the Dems to be nothing but lies and empty rhetoric designed to stop debate by labeling the current administration as evil heartless warmongering idiots? I have no idea. Perhaps Bush is dumb, perhaps they have a master plan that like Pericles no one else can see. Time will tell.
Well, Bush is in fact a dullard and a simpleton. The reason that I may vote for him is that John Kerry is an opportunistic whore whose policies do not inspire any sort of passion to march. In short, he sucks. If he had managed to waylay McCain into his camp, this would be a no-brainer. But he didn't. I may well vote for a Republican president for the fact that Kerry's policies on the issues that I am principally concernd with (the environment, health care, education) do not differ significantly from Bush's. And he basically wants out of Iraq, which I feel is a very bad idea.
Would evil have a better chance of success with Kerry or our present commander -in-chief?
Would Bin "Loudin" vote for Kerry or Bush?
Who seems more stable?
Which candidate has PTSD?
Which candidate seems to have a more reliabe MORAL compass heading?
How much more do you want to pay in taxes?
Who is more likely to raise taxes?
Which candidate is more likely to "cut and run"?
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