Wednesday, June 30, 2004

A bit of a Fisking over the Handover

Over at Chrenkoff, Arthur has a nice little Fisking of a few media comments on the US handover of authority to the Iraqi Transitional Authority.
No one questions German or South Korean sovereignty, the economy was broken by Saddam and is now doing much better, thank you very much for asking, and the fact that people set off car bombs and behead hostages is of course America's fault. The situation is only dire if the media is there to report it - by this standard, Saddam's Iraq was a much better plece to live indeed. It's true that the media doesn't invent crises, it only reports them. The problem is the crises it doesn't.

I'd like to say I have noticed a sort of sad dissappointed tone in the media that comes accross to me as, "sure sure but it's no Disneyland yet so you've failed". And remember way back when we talked about them moving the goal posts all the time? We've removed one of the worst baddies ever, offered liberty to a people for the first time ever, done it all with an amazing low casuality rate and in 15 months for the first shots have setup a sovereign Iraqi government and in the proscess have had the oppertunity to kill quite a few terrorist. Yes that sounds like defeat to me.

I feel that a little bit of a nutty left rubs off on our objective media. So perhaps it's since the nutty left thinks that we really are a child murdering, resource stealing nation bent on colonizing the world with little American provences that anything short of the way Edward I colonized Wales can be viewed by the media as defeat for the US. Whether or not the goals of Operation Iraqi Freedom are met is meaningless to the media as deep down inside the never believed those goals cuase we all now Bush lies. Bush said they were their to free Iraq but the media knew we were there to steal oil. Now that Iraq is sovereign and we don't have their oil the feel ok to report the handover in a cynical negative tone since we failed to get the oil they knew we were after. The terro... er... "insurgents" bloodied the US so much we decided to cut and run without all the booty we came for in the first place.

And FOX is the fascist liars.
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