Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The ACLU is racist

Here we have the ACLU attacking a company for establishing a dress code.
The American Civil Liberties Union is objecting to a ban on sports jerseys, sleeveless shirts and backward baseball caps in Louisville's new nightclub district, saying the dress code is biased against blacks and poor people.

What a load of horse shit. The only way you can think that is if you believe that only people with lower incomes or higher melanin levels in their skin are the ones that wear clothing like that (and also it must be the only thing they have to wear otherwise couldn't they just wear something different?). It's nonsense race biating to say lies like that. Now in this situation the city of Louisville has granted a developement group the rights to create a dress code in an area of city streets that are blocked off. I think it's fair to argue that they can't create a dress code on public streets but that's not how the ACLU is approching it. They are coming at this from the racist and classist angle.

What's next for the ACLU? Attack dress code enforcing night clubs for being racist? Attcking Morton's Steak House or being biased against poor people? I know, they should go after the Catholic church for the dress code priests and nuns are forced to wear. It's so obvious the Church is trying to keep blacks and poor people out by not allowing preists to wear sports jerseys. Come see the racism inherent in the system!

Is the ACLU so blinded by racism that even when going after something questionable (a dress code on public streets) they are unable of presenting a rational arguement? The ACLU's greatest enemy is itself.
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