Friday, May 28, 2004

This is not the Cold War II

From over at Iraqthemodel blog comes a great post dealing with how many still want to aproach fighting radical Islam in the same manner the Cold War was fought.

There was an ideology that disagreed with the west and claim to have noble goals and the communist project stimulate you to think deeply. Communism found itself forced to communicate with the opponent and even cooperate with him in trying to solve many problems in the world that didn’t serve the interests of either part.

When that enemy recognized that his ideology was on its way to be defeated, he surrendered with honor that makes you really respect him when you put in mind the massive military and political power he had. He gave up all his dreams and didn’t use violence because he didn’t want to destroy himself and the others.

Ok, but what of our current enemy?

The new enemy differs from all the previous ones in that he doesn’t have or even claim to have any constructive ideology. He doesn’t bring us anything other than the seeds of death and destruction “either you surrender to me or I kill you”. As for an alternative ideology, it doesn’t exist. Moreover the willingness to initiate a dialogue was never expressed or shown to be a possibility.

Yes. This isn't the Cold War and the only way some group or country can get away with sitting it out is if Radical Islam is crushed before the terrorists can get to them. MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) kept as and the Soviets from going head to head only because we didn't want to kill the world for our childern. What will keep death loving Islamists from trying to blow the world up?

Delenda est Islam
Good piece! I hadn't considered that before, and a new idea is a pleasure. I may have to write something on that, myself.
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