Thursday, October 02, 2003

A peak at the 69th edition of the New Liberal dictionary

Patriotism - Open knee-jerk poorly thought out politically motivated attacks on the Republican administration regarding the War on Terror whose goals are not either improving America's defense or helping defeat the Islamic terrorist movement but instead seek to remove the Bush from the White House, at all costs. It's okay for America to lose as long as we win.

Freedom of Speech - The constitutionally guaranteed right to say anything, lie, obfuscate, slander, insult and generally make it up as you go along in any verbal attack against the Bush White House. (Ex: Quotes from Bush's SOTU address where he lied about Saddam and Niger which he in fact never said)

McCarthyism - Any suggestion that the Left's mindless harping that Bush=Hitler, America needs to give into all Muslim demands, that we should bow down to a obviously anti-American UN lead by a cabal of, "less than democratic" countries and Democrats endless political attacks on Bush that have the effect of hampering the war effort might in fact be unpatriotic.

Hate Speech - Any Bush administration / Republican / Conservative response to anything said by anyone on the Left or in the Democratic party. (Ex: Kennedy said that President Bush "hatched" this war in Texas for political reasons? President Bush called Kennedy's unproven assertions "uncivil." Representative John Conyers responded, "The White House should immediately apologize to Senator Kennedy for calling his legitimate criticism of the rush to war 'uncivil.'")

Hypocrisy - [Error 34: File not found.]

Question: Is it my skill as a brilliant writer that I am able to so easily illustrate the massive hypocrisy of the Democrats currently enthralled with the more left members of their party or are they simply being open hypocrites?

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