Thursday, October 16, 2003

Organization of the Islamic Conference on what's wrong with Islam

It would seem, according to the OIC, that there are a few major problems with Islam today.

#1: Israel

Syed Hamid also lashed out at Israel, saying that "the Israeli army's vicious military campaigns, provocations and destruction of Palestinian homes will only lead to a spiraling upheaval in the already volatile situation. Israel should immediately cease ... all acts of violence, terror, provocation, incitement and destruction in the occupied Palestinian territories," Syed Hamid said.

If only Israel would stop defending themselves then Islam would be free to correct their number one problem.

#2: United States of America

"However, foreign occupation of the country must be brought to an end as soon as possible. ... It is our moral duty to assist the people of Iraq to regain their sovereignty and integrity."

If only the Americans would go away and stop trying to fight terrorism at its source and Allah forbid they succeed in creating even a semi stable partial democracy in Iraq. The thing that gets me is the moment the US started to put feet on the ground to push Saddam out suddenly the Islamic world became concerned with the well being of the citizenry of Iraq that for the previous 30 years of Ba'thist lead bloodshed they never made a pee over.

#3: Globalization

"The threats of unilateralism, globalization and terrorism, the precarious situation in the Middle East and the uncertain future of Iraq ... have only served to threaten our very survival."

If only the D'jinn of technology could be put back in the bottle and they could hide the existence of happy free wealthy societies from the people they lord over under the guise of Islam.

What is being said at this conference is a good illustration of one of the real problems with Islam today and that is the complete and absolute inability to accept responsibility for anything. 100% of the problems in the Islamic world are cause fully by infidels that are out to destroy Islam. Now that's not to say every single Muslim buys into that mind set but as a whole this is how the "Islamic World" believes and as long as they do they will never change.

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