Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Victor warns of the rot that weakens great civilizations

VDH’s newest piece in NOR he talks of the dangers of moral equivalency and the evils of the religion of multiculturalism.

I am not suggesting that we ignore the real dangers involved in ethnic profiling, or discount the moral issues that arise from killing our enemy leaders and disseminating gross pictures of their corpses. And, of course, we should seek to distinguish Baathist culprits from ordinary Iraqis.

My point is rather that, because we are products of an affluent and leisured West, we have a special burden to remember how tenuous and fragile civilization remains outside our suburbs.

Victor has this one locked up. There is nothing the Islamists can do to defeat us. They simply lack the power. Yet we may still lose if we heed the advice of those ready to place the blame of the murderous actions of others at our own feet or listening to those who would be walked on rather than risk offense to those who wish us dead. Was 9/11 enough to pull America out of the warmth of lazy insular thought? It’s wasn’t for Europe. Europe forgot the gory deaths of 3,000 only weeks after when they began to question our motives for going into Afghanistan. Now it’s the Democratic party that has forgotten. But there are those like me who have not and will not forget. I just pray we, as America, can get the job done before the Islamists give us another 9/11.

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