Friday, August 01, 2003

The Israeli security wall is a Good ThingĀ®

If you think Palestinians are all murdering troglodytes or that Jews are monkeys then you can stop reading right here. However if you like to think you are a reasoned person not prone to inflammatory noise then please read on.

The Wall is good. The wall will help bring about peace more than anything else since the 1967 war. Why? Because it's will separate the players. Israel won't have to send tanks into the West Bank to hunt down terrorists if there is a wall stopping terrorists from entering Israel and blowing up buses/cafes/etc. in the first place. Then in turn terrorists will find it harder to talk Palestinians into martyring themselves in Israel as a means of fighting the "occupation" if there is no occupation, i.e. tanks hunting terrorists, in the first place. The wall, and only the wall, can achieve this. No accords. No road maps. No summits. None of them can change the hearts and passions of the zealots willing to die to keep the fighting going forever. A wall can't change them either but, unlike paper and ink, concrete and razor wire will make them stop.

Here we see the terrorist defending ISM vandalizing the wall. Anything the ISM is against I'm am almost certainly for.

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