Friday, July 11, 2003

What PETA teaches us about Islam

PETA and the Islamic movement are really the same thing. They are people that are out to force the world to live by their standards. Totalitarianism. Fascism. Religious zealotry. Call it what you will it all comes out to the same thing, people that do not think like them must be forced - by any means necessary - to live they way they think you should live. For PETA it's a world where animal rights trump human rights while for Islamists it's a world living according to their interpretation of the Koran.

"Make it rare and we'll have a bottle of the '98 Plumpjack."

I want a world where I am free to worship or not worship Mohammed's Allah. I want a world where I am free to choose a car with a cloth or leather interior. I want a world where my wife is an equal and not a slave. I want a world where I can have steak and wine or tofu and water for dinner. I want a world where David and the Sistine chapel are not vandalized as an affront to Allah. I want a world where lazy Saturday afternoons are filled with grilled meats, cold beer and minimal clothing allowing the skin to warm under a waning sun. I want a world where I can sweep a girl off her feet not one where she is forced to kiss my feet.

That is why I fight.

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