Thursday, July 31, 2003

The Media Vietnamization of Iraq continues

John O'Sullivan has a good take on what I spoke of earlier and has been pointed out by others. About how the US/EU media is distorting and or lying in their reporting of events in an effort to make America think it's 1969 all over again. It's to the point that I have problems trusting anything in the main stream news regarding world affairs.

Iraq is not a quagmire. We aren't loosing to the Ba'athists and terrorists. The majority of Iraqis want us to stay until the work is done and everyday things are getting better. The Reconstruction of the South took 10 years. Germany and Japan took over 5 years each. We where in Vietnam for 10 years. Only one of those four is considered a "quagmire" and yet every news report you get is claiming just that in Iraq after 3 months. 3 months. Now if in 2 years thing are identical to now, there has been no progress and the death toll is pushing 400 then you can get a little worried. Calling the liberalization and democartization of Iraq a quagmire now is like lightly pressing on the brakes for a split second while driving at 110mph and then declaring that you've obviously had catastrophic brake failure since your car didn't instantly stop.

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