Thursday, July 17, 2003

Jonah for Senate

Sometimes I agree with Jonah Goldberg from over at National Review Online. Sometimes I don't. Jonah has nuts. Mounds don't. Anyhow I always read Jonah because he has sass and sass is a rare commodity among most opinion folk in these times of diversity sensitivity. There are times though when Jonah nails something down so well I just want to give him a big ol'bear hug and his ripping of scum-monger Jerry Springer is one of those times. Jonah has no idea how correct he is when he claims,

...if you think it's only worth voting if Springer's on the ballot it's not because you like his ideas. It's because you like the man. You like what he represents. Or, you're just bored and think it's all a big joke to send the human incarnation of a burning bag of dog droppings to the U.S. Senate.

Here in Columbus all of those I know who vote and pay at least partial attention to what's going on outside of the last Friend's episode is quite honestly, embarrassed by Springer running for Senate. Where as those I know who couldn't care less about such boring things as zoning ordinances, land rights and budgetary issues are all chanting "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!". They think it'll be a hoot to have Springer as our Senator. Those that care fear Springer will give Ohio a bad name. Those who don't think he will give us recognition. Also there seems to be an odd correlation between those that don't like Ohio State football and those that are pro Springer. Might have something to do with feeling disenfranchised in their own community but much smarter folk than I would need to root that one out.

As for Springer running against Jonah? Jonah's got himself one write-in on the Ohio ballot coming from me.

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