Thursday, July 17, 2003

BBC runs a great racket

Jonathan Miller is refusing to pay the BBC TV license fee. For him I say bravo!

TV License Fee.

I'm not 100% against the idea. I would rather it not exists but a small nominal charge could be lived with, however the $238.50 per TV that our friends in England are charged is indefensible. There are 5 TV's in my house. That would be $1,192.50 a year for the privilege to own a TV and that's not including the 2 computers with TV cards or that we have broadband internet access. Christ, that's more than I paid for my 4 Saabs combined. The BBC gets $4.77 billion dollars a year in revenue. What do the viewers get for their $4.77 billion? Shows with hollywood quality CGI prehistoric beasties and some of the most biased journalism in the West.

Let's see... England's GDP was $1.2 trillion which means that the BBC sucks in .4% of the GDP. Does public TV need that much? That would be the equivalent of PBS getting $40 billion dollars here. .4% of the GDP and the are not accountable to anyone but themselves. Well done.

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