Monday, June 23, 2003

Will there really be a Leftist TV channel?

There is a part of me that really enjoys watching the high and mighty fail in spectacular fashion and I do believe that it will not be a commercially viable channel. David Brooks has a write up on the Left's looser and looser grip on reality that is at the heart of the reason I think any LeftTV will crash and burn.

Over the last few weeks Democratic power brokers have been lamenting over the "conservative" control of the media and proposing that it is their obligation to create new station for an alternative voice. Now they have the money and power to get a new station off the ground, of that there is no doubt, but can they sell ads? I doubt it. These are a group of people that feel ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, NPR, PRI, CNN, etc. are controlled be a conservative conspiracy. People that think all news, not just FOX, are under the control of a Republican cabal.

Just what do you think would be discussed on a "Progressive political" news station that thinks ABC are too far right of the American people? I'll tell you. It will show hate. 30 minute shows of hate followed by more 30 shows for a hate. Shows about hating Bush, republicans, America, cars and trucks, meat, hard work and enterprise, the current Supreme Court, Western Civilization and much more. The message of a people that think CNN is a toad for Dick Cheny is a message that is so far left it will at best be cannon fodder for comedians but runs the risk of completely alienating not just the swing voters but even moderate Democrats. And since this TV station will be purporting to represent the Democratic view may spell doom for the party.

One thing I haven't seen mentioned is the mind set that leads to thinking that there is a "conservative cabal". All one needs do is look at the current political feel in America and the media through the eyes of Conservative Bob and Liberal Joe. Bob sees the gaining rating of FOX news, the feel among other TV news channels that they need to do more to represent an "unbiased" view and the death grip hold on talk radio is the news media simply reacting to the market. Bob would think it's natural that the News Industry will change to meet the needs of a market feeling more and more in line with current conservative views. Bob says, "Long live the free market!" Joe on the other hand sees a completely different world. In Joe's world, a world where people can only improve at the behest of government agencies telling them what to do, change is only wrought when the people are "swayed" but the influence of power brokers. If more people are watching FOX it's because Republicans are doing a better job of swaying them. The idea that the American people looked at the left and the right and of their own free will are choosing the right simply never occurres to Joe. Joe says, "Fight the man!"

It all may come to naught if more business minded cooler heads prevail and explain no one will watch a bunch of wing-nuts on LeftTV and they'll bleed money but I sure hope not.

UPDATE: It would seem Scott Belliveau agrees with me.

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