Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Why is it so easy to find radical Islamist wesites?

In this Front Page Mag article the author, Joe Kaufman, reports that what he found looking into one website called, palestine4ever.net, which doesn't just support the intfada but champions those who wish genocide against the Jews. Joe then does a good job of connecting the dots showing that it's not just a few nut jobs but rather a larger group of people who are all supporting the triumphalism of Islam in one way or another.

The palestine4ever web site is disturbing to view. It's rather amazing how they have in ways become nothing more than a death cult and the rest of Islam is following hot on their trails. There is a gallery on the site dedicated to those who murder women and children or as the Palestinians call them, "martyrs". The site even draws comparisons saying that Che Guevara and the mass murdering terrorist Abu Abbas are fighting the same fight. Che, now there's an upstanding person I'd want to emulate.

But there's more even than Joe Kaufman's article covers.

Take the Zayed Centre for Coordination and Follow-Up for example, an Islamist think-tank that represents a few nuts? No. I think it represents the direction that Islam is heading. Right now as we sit hear Islam is going further and further down the path of insanity. These people believe, actually believe, that the Jews would be better of living under Islamic rule. They are a wonderful example of the Islamic Victimhood Syndrome. At the symposium discussed in the Arab News article those of the Zayed Center keep going back to the idea that if they could only find a way to break the hate the Jews have for all other religions, if they can get the Jews to stop wanting to take over the world then perhaps they can create peace. Classic projection.

I think these site represent a majority of thinking in the Islamic world and the reason I feel that is the ease with which one can find Islamist sites advocating Jihad and the deafening lack of Islamic sites that want to live in peace.

(Thanks: LGF for the links)

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