Friday, June 27, 2003

Violent Terrorist Mandela condemns US, praises France

Aww gee shucks. It seems Nelson Mandela still doesn't like the US. I don't know why the media referred to this uneducated thug as a "statesman". He was a violent marxist revolutionary that was arrested for opposing apartheid. But not in the non-violent manner that Rev. King taught. No, ol'statesman Mandela was going to blow up buildings with people in them. The only difference between a mass murder and Nelson Mandela is he got caught before he could pull the switch. Mind you these aren't trumped up charges, he freely admits he was about to kill. He admits it because as long as you are fighting "the man" you can employ any means you wish.

Mandela, a man who calls Yasir Arafat and Fidel Castro his friends. A man who calls America the greatest racist nation in the world. A man who was swept from power after one term for damm near running S. Africa into the ground. A man calls all Americans "blood thirsty murders". A man who supported Saddam as the "freely elected leader of Iraq". Why does anyone in the media listen to a word this nimrod says?

I will say this... he's one snappy dresser.

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