Saturday, June 14, 2003

UN is still living in a dream world

Maybe the UN has Field of Dreams playing in a loop on TV’s throughout the building. If we build a peace keeping force there will be peace. Does Canadian Foreign Minister Bill Graham really think that a few hundred inexperienced Canuks wearing blue helmets can stop Hamas from blowing up buses when the IDF can’t? But a peace keeping force can be useful if certain criteria are met.

The force must be strong and willing to go after terrorists. That means US involvement and US leadership but I can’t see that happening as this is really nothing more than a power play by the UN and nations that were opposed to the liberation of Iraq. They want to so they still count and can’t do that by begging the US for help. Which means futility and deaths while they thump their chests at how they are involved in the struggle for peace.

The force cannot be comprised of nations sympathetic to the Palestinians which think it’s Israel that must be stopped. The Israelis do not hold rallies where they scream about pushing the Palestinians into the river or destroying Palestine. A force of Canadians, Belgians, French, etc. will most likely keep their guns pointed at Israel with their backs to the terrorist and sit idlely by while buses keep blowing up.

Put your self in the mind of a Palestinian terrorist and you have two choices of who will be manning the checkpoint to get into Israel. Choice one is a squad of blue beret wearing sophisticated cynical French-Canadians trying to look good for the cameras to show how important the struggle for peace is to their countries and who will happily look the other way so long as you don’t shoot at them. Choice two is a couple M1A2’s flanked by a platoon of arrogant, war mongering, trigger happy US Marines who all remember with astonishing detail that it was you who danced the night away on 9/11 in ecstasy at the murder of 3,000 Americans.

That is why the Palestinians what a UN peace force.

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