Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Trying to find peaceful Muslims

So there are many sites I find linking to all sorts of sites that make Muslims and Islam look bad. I have never seen any countering links so I thought since I have internet access and my fingers aren’t broken I’d do a Google search myself. I search for “Muslims for peace with Israel”. What I found is not hopeful.

#1 Archived News article about Muslims chanting death to Israel and America.

#2 International Herald Tribune article on anti-war rally turning into anti-Israeli rally

#3 Essay by westerner asking if peace is possible with Islam

#4 Homepage for the AMJ (American Muslims for Jerusalem). A group of American Muslims dedicated to changing US foreign policy in the Middle East and making us anti-Israeli. AMJ is sponsored by American Muslim Alliance (AMA); American Muslim Council (AMC) and Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) all groups that defend terrorists every chance they get. This doesn’t qualify as Muslims wanting peace I don’t think.

#5 Essay by a Muslim blaming the conflict on inept US policy that includes the shameful lie that Islam got along fine with the West until we started the crusades in the 11th century. Either this guy knows no history or somehow to him the Islamic conquests of the Western Roman Empire, Anatolia, the Levant, most of Byzantium, Christian north Africa, all of Spain and Portugal, half of Italy, a third of France plus many islands including Cyprus and Sicily constitute “getting along”. I am interested in his explanation on how the 9th century sacking of Rome and the Holy See by Islamic armies was peaceful co-existence. Seems for this Muslim they where getting along great with us right up until we started to fight back.

#6 A BBC article about options for splitting Jerusalem

#7 A blog on the "peace process" run by a Jew in Israel

#8 Islam.org who claims, "is dedicated to promoting understanding of Islam and Muslim people by providing accurate, unbiased and balanced information." It is a very white washed site that has the feel that "if only you non-believers understood us all would be fine" feel to it. Also it hasn't been updated in a year so they have no say on current "roadmaps".

#9 A blog with a cartoon of Bush and Rumsfeld eating a raw steak and an anti-Daniel Pipes rant.

#10 The Center for Monitoring the Impact of Peace (CMIP) who is an NGO base in NY state that looks into school books in the middle east (Israeli and Muslim) to see if kids are being taught hate or tolerance.

#11 A Christian Science Monitor article on how Jews and Muslims get along fine in New York City’s Midwood area.

#12 An evangelical Christian site out to convert Muslims

#13 Article from Taiwan News dated only 3 weeks after 9/11 about the mosque in Taipei. Interviews included typical Islamic denial with back handed anti-American statements about the immorality of the US. Kind of a "No real Muslim would do that but they had it coming anyway" attitude.

#14 Essay by Rabbi Dr. Ron Kronish on why dialog is needed in the "peace process"

#15 Essay by a Muslim and Jew in Hartford, CT about how they wish for a peaceful solution. So that’s one Muslim for peace so far. Not one site mind you, just one Muslim.

#16 A list of articles on the Israeli-Syrian peace talks that where to take place in Shepherdstown, WV that never happened.

#17 The text of the "Road Map for Peace" proposed by the US on 5/13/2003

#18 An Op-Ed piece in the Miami Herald on the issue of splitting Jerusalem

#19 A "pro-Israeli" site called "Agenda" which claims to be a "Weekly bulletin connecting the Jewish world".

#20 A news article from New Zealand dated 5/5/2003 about Mohammed Nour Dachan, president of the Union of Muslim Communities of Italy, fasting one day for peace. Fasting one whole day? This guy is a force for peace.

#21 Homepage of the American Committee on Jerusalem (ACL). ACL claims to be offering an alternative view to the pro-Israeli dominated media and offers what seems to be an equitable solution to the "Jerusalem issue". However two things caught my eye. First they have the PLO flag on the header of the site and secondly well know Islamic Triumphalists Walid Khalidi and Edward Said are on their advisory board. Those are two people that are on public record opposing the existence of the state of Israel itself. I'm sure they give reasoned counsel.

#22 A letter to the Editor in UC Santa Barbara's student newspaper from Joey Tartakovsky (President, American Students for Israel) in which he refutes the idea that Muslims are out to destroy the world.

#23 Answering Christianity, an Islamic evangelical site trying to convert everyone, especially Christians.

#24 Anti-Islamic site warning that Muslims cannot be trusted as the Koran permits them to lie to non-believers. This place is a little to anti-Islam for me but that bit about the Koran is all too true.

#25 A FOR article about Israel blocking a US congressional delegation being blocked at a checkpoint into the West bank on 8/8/2002. FOR is the Fellowship of Reconciliation, a self proclaimed peace group founded in 1915 that has a history of supporting murdering dictators including protesting to defend Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, Communist N. Korea and N. Vietnam. Most recently they were pro-Saddam during the build up to the fight in Iraq. See a pattern?

#26 Op-Ed piece by Thomas L. Friedman on Muslim rage. Hosted on an American site that supports "Shalom Achshav", the Israeli peace movement.

#27 A pdf from MEMRI translating an interview with the Saudi Ambassador to London in which he makes many peace loving statements, like how he "longs to die as a martyr". Can you imagine a US Ambassador stating that he longed to kill women and children while blowing himself up?

#28 Article from IslamOnline on a speech given by the Prime Minister of Malaysia in which he promised there would be no peace as long as Muslims were oppressed and that Muslims are being oppressed everywhere. I wonder if that includes Islamic Maya Asia?

After checking out the first 28 sites Google came back with on this search I have found one Muslim in American that wants peace and one in Italy that didn’t eat for a day. So much for Muslims that want peace with Israel.

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