Wednesday, June 11, 2003

One less bus to follow the 'roadmap'.

Quick take on the 'Roadmap to Peace". Once both groups agreed to the plan they where essentially wiping the slates clean. There is not centuries long history everyone starts fresh now. Since the PLO agreed there have been over 30 terrorist attacks in Israel against civilians. Hamas goes on record saying that they will never stop killing Jews. The US press and Bush Administration say nothing. The new PLO Prime Minister Abbas is asked about Hamas's statement to which he replays that he will, "under no circumstances" do anything to restrain Hamas. Again the US Press and Bush Administration is silent.

Israel then bombs the leader of Hamas, one of the bloodies terror groups in the world, and suddenly the US press and Bush are admonishing them for creating a set back to the peace plan. Disgusting.

Now I want you to look at that bus. That happened today. At least 15 dead civilians and scores injured. Where is the world outrage? Why is this not a setback for peace? It seems the only peace that is politically acceptable is one in which the terrorists get to kill at will and the Israelis get to sit and do nothing.

UPDATE: I just saw a report stating, " Visibly angry, Bush spoke after a suicide bomber blew himself up on a bus in downtown Jerusalem.
"For the people in the world who want to see Mideast peace, I strongly urge all of you to fight off terror," Bush said. He called the attack "a terrible bombing in Jerusalem" and said it was clear that there are people who hate peace. "

I hope Bush is angry because he feels betrayed after totting the PLO line for a few days to now have this happen. I hope he realizes that they can not be dealt with, only removed.
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