Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Iranians Protesting agaisnt the Theocracy

Why we need a gentle hand with Iran. The days of the Mullahs are coming to an end but it won't be because of the 4th Heavy Armor Division. After the revolution in '79 the Mullahs told every one to have big families. They did and now most of the country is under 25 and has lived their entire lives under the fundamentalist theocracy. These kids know one thing and that is if they band together they can oust the Mullahs just like their parents ousted us and the Shah.

And while the current Iranian government is rouge and dangerous the Iranians are more like the Vietnamese then Pakistanis or Saudis. That is to say they don't hate the US the way others do. Sure they think we are heavy handed reactionary dolts who are always shooting ourselves in the foot - and they aren't to far off the truth there - but hate? No, and the reason is simple. Just like Vietnam, even though what came next is unquestionable worse that anything we'd have done, they don't hate us because they won.

So when they overthrow the Mullahs, and they will, we need to be ready to offer any assistance we can and we need to offer that assistance in the most gracious manner we are capable of but most importantly... we need to not move a muscle until they ask. Then we can make friends with both the Iranians and the new government

(Maybe that's why the French act so pissy all the time, they never win.)
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