Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Driving Faster = Safer Roads

It's not speed that kills, it's differences in speed that kill. Thus now that those who follow speed limits are able to drive closer to the going rate of speed there are fewer crashes, injuries and fatalities. One thing that Stephan Moore doesn't mention is the Safetyniks prediction that everyone would be driving faster if the limits with up. People will always drive 15mph above the limit was their claim. This is using a child like concolusion from seeing people averaging 70mph when the limits 55 and drawing it that if the limits where 65 traffic would flow at 80mph or even 90mph in states that dared go higher. This is idiot think and the facts have proven them wrong. Traffic, especially heavy traffic, still flows at the same rates only now the police are forced/free to target the real dangerous high speed drivers versus merely randomly writing tickets since everyone was speeding.

Long live the 85th percentile.

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