Friday, June 13, 2003

The Battle Hymn of the Republic

Jed Babbin's piece on NRO is correct on many levels.

The mood here in "fly-over" country, far from the beltway and the megaopoli of the coasts, is one of righteous indignation. We want to take the fight to the terrorist and not sit around waiting for buses to explode. We want to hit them so hard it sends a message to everyone that, in simple country terms, "You mess with the bull and you get the horns."

I agree with everything Jed says in this piece. If - and I pray it never does - we are hit with another large scale attack there will be no guessing, no delay only action. We would move like the wind over the nations of Islam crushing them under are heel. For any duplicitous allies thinking to hold back American wrath they would do well to step out of the way or be hurt. The mind set here in the heartland would be "kill'em all and let God sort'em out".

Those in Europe wishing to see us do poorly in the war. Those wishing to see us get bloodied again need to realize that they have no grasp on the American mind set. They like to have a simple view of us as war mongers. They have no idea. We get hit again and the world will tremble at the mention of our name. I can say the mood would be, "We've tried working with you $%&*ers since the end of the war. We've tried to do it "your way" for 60 years. We've gone along with the UN and many other multilateral and where has it gotten us? 6,000 dead civilians on our own soil. Well your way is over, now we our going to do it our way. So you sit down, shut up and we will drag this world kicking and screaming into the 21st century."

There would be no where to hide. Lets say France is providing political asylum to a person the US wants and they won't hand him over. We get his again and feeling here in the center will be, "We had troops fighting in France before, lets go get them". Weak nations of the world fear a US so powerful that we will simply put our troops anywhere we want and do as we please. Give the disparity in strength between us and the rest of the world that is a reasonable fear. Unfortunately they are missing the greatest chance to protect themselves by helping us now. Helping us nip this in the bud so we don't get hit. Not only are the missing the chance to help but by dragging their feet they are helping to give the terrorists the time to hit us again and by such their fear of America as a War god is going to be instrumental in the creation of America as a war god.

The world needs to keep an eye on Washington and its ear on the "heartbeat".
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