Thursday, June 12, 2003

Anti-Bushites trying to invent scandal

The lefties and the Dems have had a bug up their collective asses about Bush since the moment he "stole" the election. They have vigorously opposed Bush at every turn regardless of the issue. There is no examination of Bushes stance versus their own. There is no rational discussion on any topic. They knee-jerk disagree and attack everything Bush says and does. I think if Bush was to come out for fuzzy baby rabbits they'd be screaming that they are dangerous to children and need to be outlawed.

Some will say that this is no different than republican attacks on Clinton and while there were plenty of Republicans with a woody to get Clinton - probably cause he was getting more then them - there was still rational debate and work on the other issues. Republican members of congress did not oppose everything Clinton did and justify their attack because he was a "horn-dog". They did not oppose the intervention in Kosovo to stop the genocide taking place there on the grounds that Clinton couldn't keep it in his pants. Plus their attacks centered around the actions of Clintons crouch and not, as in this case, the security and defense of the United States.

Now the anti-Bush crowd are screaming bloody murder and trying to invent what they want to call, "WMDgate". Their reasoning is since no stock pile of WMDs have yet been found then there are none to be found. Bush lied about Iraqi WMD to trick the country into approving an illegal war of conquest. They want to find evidence of the lie and impeach Bush. By talking and talking about this and using well crafted terms like "WMDgate" they are hoping to control the debate. Here's a good NRO piece on this fantasy

He who controls the debate, controls the universe.

By talking about WMDs and only WMDs they want to focus everyone attention on one narrow aspect of the Battle for Iraq, which itself is only one component of the War on Terror. Every prediction they made on Iraq was wrong. There was no revolt by the 'Arab street". There were no long bloody battles. The Iraqi people were happy to be liberated. Saddam was even a worse murderer than anyone had expected with more mass graves being unearthed everyday. But the WMD's! We haven't found any yet... attack attack! Let's impeach Bush because there may have been questionable intel supporting one of the legs of his platform for invasion.

Well that doesn't fly with me. I really don't care if Saddam had 10,000 nukes or nothing he was a cancer in the region and it was in our interests and those of our children that he be removed. He was a big supporter of terrorism and we are still cleaning up terrorist training camps in Iraq. We are at war with the terrorists and back in 2001 when Bush said that we will not distinguish between the terrorists and those who support them everyone, including the Dems, gave a standing ovation. Now that Bush is delivering on that promise they want to use it to hang him with.

UPDATE: The Onion wieghs in on the WMD debate
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