Friday, June 13, 2003

Another VDH History lesson

Yet another wonderful read from Victor David Hanson on the current trend of events in the Middle East.

I am with him about 95%. Where I differ is on his assertion that the minds of the terrorists are being awoken to see the writing on the wall. Those after mere political advantage or power can be brought to knee when enough force is provided but those of the strict Islamists can not. One can not deal rationally with those who are without reason. But the zealots aren't blind. They see what is happening and will do what they can to ratchet up their terror strikes. The question for us is what do we do. Do we take VDH's consul and, "press on and give to the terrorists and their abettors no quarter" or do we tire of the fight and fall back?

It is beyond imperative that we strive forward now. The fight we are in now is a result of the terrorists thinking we are a decadent weak country, a paper tiger as the Chinese government likes to say. If we stop now the fight we will have 20-30 years from now will be much worse. The sad truth is that for every 19 year-old we lose now is saving the life's of 2-3 newborns that won't have to clean up a mess left behind by GenX.
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