Friday, June 18, 2004

Prepetuating Lies of the Left

Nice. Here we have the 9/11 commission catching Bush in the act of trying to paint a connection between Al Qaeda and Saddam over 9/11. Now he has been caught in his "Sky High Lies" and with it his justification for removing Saddam is gone as well. Guess we should restore Saddam to power then. Only there's one problem with this... Bush never claimed any Saddam - Al Qaeda link over 9/11. Bush did claim Saddam had links with terrorism and I'd say if nothing else paying suicide bombers would qualify as such but the left has twisted that into him claimnig Saddam and Osama were in on it together.
Now who's living in a dream world? Cheney has said, publicly, that there is "convincing evidence" of meetings between 9/11 planners and the government of Iraq that the 9/11 commision (comprised of a Republican controlled Congress, BTW,) never happened. You can dismiss the idea that Bush tried very hard to link Iraq to the terrorist attacks on our nation as leftist fancy all you like, but plenty of TV record proves you categorically wrong. I begin to suspect that you're turning this blog into yet another "bash liberalism while it's down" showcase, without the slightest pretense of balance. The administration, whom I may well vote to keep in place, has told a lot of lies. Blaming CNN for it just doesn't cut it.
Okay, turn the rhetorical volume down on that last post about six notches. Six pints at the James and a bottle of wine at home following dumping your girlfriend creates a lot of bile. I don't think you're trying to turn this blog into right wing hysteria, but I like to see the topics vary a bit from simply left bashing (the one today on Geely was nice; I'll comment on it seperately.) The response you could provide to my charge would be: get off (or on, rather) your ass and write your own posts. To which I would have no good response whatsoever, other than it takes less effort to snipe at yours.
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