Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Pro Terrorism / Communism Rally – March 20th

Here is a link to some great photos of the self proclaimed, “peace” activists that where marching in San Fran on 3/20/2004, the 1 year anniversary of the start of hostilities against Saddam in Iraq. There are a few true peaceniks in the crowd but for the most part these people aren’t after peace but rather they supporting the enemies of America under the guise of being “peace”

People that support Terrorist organizations are not for “peace”.
People that support totalitarian dictators are not for “peace”
People that support Kim Il Jung are not for “peace”
People that support Ho Chi Mihn are not for “peace”
People that support the Intafada are not for “peace”
People that support anarchy are not for “peace”

I just so happened to walk past the protest in Columbus that was taking place in Goodale Park on the 20th. About 100 people all with signs proudly displaying their collective hatred of Western society and utter lack of cognizant thought.

Delenda est Islam

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Bush Disappoints

I find no reason I can think up to justify Bush’s condemnation of Israel’s killing of Hamas Sheikh Ahmad Yassin. None. Yassin was the mastermind and founder of a terrorist group that has killed hundreds of innocents and will continue to do so. Any idea that he wasn’t a legitimate target is on par with saying Bin Laden is not a legit target.

By condemning Israel for going after the mastermind of 1,500 murders Bush is denying us the right to get Bin Laden.

Delenda est Islam

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Monday, March 15, 2004

Spanish failure – Islamic joy

In voting out the pro-American Popular party who was a full partner in the fight against militant Islam and putting the anti-American terrorist appeasing Socialists into power the people of Spain have made a strong statement to the entire Islamic world: In Spain terrorism works.

The repercussions of this will be felt in all over Europe. I will be surprised if the British aren’t faced with acts of terrorism now that the Spanish have shown themselves to be spineless cowards. All European nations that are supporters of the fight against terrorism can not be certain that come election time the Islamists will be looking to hit them hard in hopes it will scare the electorate into capitulation and appeasement has the Spanish have so completely done.

For 800 years the Iberian peninsula was under the boot heel of Islam and Islamists dream of a world were they have “reconquered” Spain, now those Islamists will be enboldend to attack Spain more. I am disappointed at the short sightedness of the Spanish. Will they need to live under dhimmitude again before the wake up to the deadly realness of the threats of the militant Islamic world?

These terrorists cannot be bought off. You either choose to submit to their will or fight for your freedom. Spain has chosen submission and they will bleed for it.

Delenda est Islam

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